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All of our books are hard copy, bound publications.

Those marked saddle-stitched are produced in-house on our own high-end colour laser printers.

Those marked perfect bound are commercially produced and bound for us on state-of-the art presses.


Have you ever wanted to construct your own magic or performing equipment? Are you a little unsure of what’s involved? Do you need just a little guidance or a few ideas to get started?

Then these are the titles you’re looking for. Each publication provides complete instructions on the construction of the title item.

In some cases you also receive complete design instructions and guidelines on customizing your prop to your own specific requirements.

Purchase of these Blueprint Series publications gives you the right to produce as many of these items as you need for your own personal use, but not for resale.


Although the construction of many of my original items are fully described in my books, you may not want to go to all of the trouble of building or producing your own.

These are fully documented commercial routines complete with everything you need to perform the piece, including my original presentation.

In some cases there are bonus presentations to whet your imagination to create your own version!


Some magic tricks require some thing that gets used up or destroyed during the performance. My personal philosophy is that the performer should be able to prepare his own whenever required.

Sometimes that is simply not possible or it is to the benefit of the individual performer to simply purchase the item and not waste any time in preparation.

There are, however, no supplies available at this time.


Certain ideas described in the books require special forms or templates. These documents are provided here for free download.

These downloads are for the forms or templates only and contain absolutely no instructions. It is assumed that you’ve purchased the book and want to try them or actually use them!

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